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Did what was supposed to be a fun night out with friends turn into a night in jail and a ride in the back of a police cruiser? Getting convicted of a DUI/DWI in Illinois can have a profound impact on your life, far beyond what you may have anticipated. It can affect your driver’s license, your ability to work, your housing, your finances, and your ability to get a professional license or find employment down the road. Our Belleville DUI lawyers have the experience and resources you need to provide you with the best possible defense to get your charges reduced or even dismissed completely. Your life is simply too important to give to just any lawyer or to try to defend alone. Call our Belleville DUI lawyers for a free session today and find out why we are the best choice for your defense!

Belleville DUI Lawyers

DUI Penalties For First Offense In Illinois

It is worth your while to do whatever it takes to avoid a DUI conviction, as the consequences can be crippling. Based on the facts of your case, you may potentially be facing jail, fines and many other consequences. In any event, the conviction remains on your criminal record for the rest of your life.

Below is a list of penalties related to a first-offense DUI conviction in Illinois.

  • License suspension. The first result of a DUI is license revocation. If you don’t immediately file legal paperwork, your driver’s license will be suspended, regardless of whether you are convicted. A first DUI will result in a one-year license revocation. If you are under 21 years of age, your license will be suspended for two years. The inability to drive to see friends, family, doctors, work or run errands will make life extremely difficult, not only for you but for everyone around you.
  • Jail time. DUI punishment is determined by your driving record, the circumstances of your case, and the judge handling your case. Because the first offense is considered a misdemeanor (if there are no accentuating circumstances), the punishment can be any amount of jail time between 1 and 364 days, depending upon the BAC and other variables.
  • Employment. If you are found guilty, you will have a criminal record. In every application you fill out, you have to disclose your criminal history. Potential employers conducting background checks will see that you have a DUI on your record and will be less likely to hire you.
  • Financial Consequences:
    • First-time DUI fines can range from $1,000 to $2,600.
    • Mandatory DUI school or alcohol treatment programs may be ordered, costing $500 to several thousand dollars.
    • Cars are impounded after arrest, with daily fees.
    • License reinstatement comes with its own fee.
    • DUI on driving record increases auto insurance premiums.

Whether this is your first or subsequent DUI offense, you should consult with our Belleville DUI lawyers to learn more about the penalties you are facing for your conviction and what can be done to minimize the impact of your DUI on your life.

Defense Strategies For DUI Charges 

Remember that you are presumed innocent of all charges until proven otherwise. In fact, the prosecution must prove that you were impaired by alcohol or drugs in order to convict you. In many cases, a DUI charge is established on circumstantial evidence. Field sobriety tests have notoriously inaccurate results and can be influenced by things like inclement weather, a person’s overall weight, or a person’s prior medical history. 

Depending on the details of your case, our Belleville DUI lawyers may even be able to show that there is a lack of evidence to convict you—or that there were issues with the arrest. We are determined to do everything in our legal power to fight your charges.

Rest assured, we will try to take advantage of these problems, including challenging your charges due to:

  • Lack of probable cause to pull you over
  • Failure to read your Miranda rights
  • Improper administration of a field sobriety test
  • Improperly calculated breathalyzer test results
  • Lack of intoxication
  • Medical condition or prescription medication
  • And more 

No matter the situation, we will build a defense that maximizes your chances of success. 

Why Should You Choose Us As Your Belleville DUI Lawyers?

Michael Reid Legal Solutions has been providing top-notch defense services for DUI cases for over 26 years. We have a team of experienced lawyers who are well-prepared to handle your case. We have extensive knowledge of the legal system and are familiar with the way the local courts work. We are committed to providing you with the highest level of support and ensuring that your case has the best possible outcome. We provide a free initial consultation that you can take advantage of if you would like to talk about the specifics of your case and begin crafting a defense strategy. Call our Belleville DUI lawyers today and get an honest assessment of your case.

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