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Full-Service Defense Of Your Illinois Driver’s License

Your driver’s license is everything to you, on a par with food, family and phone. That license allows you to legally get to your job, drive on cross-country trips with loved ones and enjoy a myriad of other uses, professional and recreational, that reflect our modern mobile culture.

Has this precious freedom of movement been hampered by the suspension or revocation of your Illinois license, after a DUI arrest in Edwardsville or anywhere in the St. Louis metro area? If so, the skilled defense attorney who puts his 30-plus years of experience and client commitment in your corner is Michael E. Reid, founder of the M. Reid Legal Solutions law firm.

Important: there are two legal proceedings in DUI cases. There is the DUI charge itself, and there is the administrative process involving your driver’s license. At M. Reid Legal Solutions, we can handle both aspects of your DUI case, but you must act quickly to protect your driver’s license. Contact us as soon as possible to learn more.

Put Michael E. Reid’s Decades Of Experience On Your Side

Mr. Reid frequently and successfully represents a diverse DUI defense clientele that includes people who have been arrested for DUI for the first time, as well as people facing repeat or felony DUI charges. Mr. Reid also represents clients alleged to have been drunk at the time of an injury accident; juveniles accused of underage drinking; and many more. He knows the legal process, those who oversee it, the role of overzealous law enforcement, and creative defense tactics that get results.

These are just a few of the many ways that our exceptional defense lawyer safeguards your driver’s license:

  • Careful examination of police reports
  • In-depth investigation of dubious arrest procedures
  • Discrediting officers’ version of circumstances leading to the arrest
  • Emphasizing possible malfunction or defective nature of breathalyzer equipment
  • Stressing factors such as bad weather, hazardous roads, motor problems and prescription medicines for a pre-existing condition
  • Thorough case preparation for representation at administrative hearings and in court if needed

Is the DUI charge you’re facing your second or third brush with the law? Are you concerned that a conviction could lead to a jail term, heavy fines and a record as a felon? Your license status may be the least of your worries. The sooner you speak with Michael E. Reid, the sooner that a credible legal defense can be mounted on your behalf.

Arrange Your Initial Consultation In Edwardsville Now

M. Reid Legal Solutions always advises and advocates in your best interests. Call 618-656-6622 or 314-703-7602, or reach the firm by email. This important first meeting with Mr. Reid is free of charge.