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Protecting Your Legal Rights And Driving Privileges

A traffic stop for drunk driving can have serious consequences, and it’s crucial that you have the strongest possible defense against the charge. It’s also important to understand a few things about DUI defense in Illinois and the St. Louis metro area: police officers often abuse their authority to arrest motorists, mistaking erratic driving for drunk driving. However, there are versatile, vigorous DUI defense lawyers to represent you, like Michael E. Reid – a criminal defense attorney who can handle the criminal side of a drunk driving charge as well as the administrative side involving your driver’s license.

Whatever your situation may be, it’s important to act quickly and put an experienced DWI trial lawyer on your side as soon as possible.

For a free consultation, call us in Edwardsville at 618-656-6622 or 314-703-7602, or contact us by email. We represent clients in Illinois and throughout the St. Louis metro area.

Helping You Seek A Positive Outcome

Are you fearing loss of your driver’s license by suspension or revocation? Are you struggling with the idea of potential punishments like jail time and stiff fines? Are you desperate for legal assistance that could restore your good name and return your life to normal?

If Michael E. Reid’s 30-plus years of experience can’t provide answers and help you accomplish your goals, nothing can. The founder of M. Reid Legal Solutions has built a sterling track record for positive results in a wide range of alcohol-related motor vehicle cases for clients accused of first or repeat offenses, juvenile underage drinking-and-driving, and vehicular manslaughter. His dedication to direct, accessible personal service is as much a part of his practice as his extensive legal knowledge.

Attorney Michael E. Reed is frequently called upon by other legal professionals for expert consulting at trial. You know you are being represented by the best when the experts rely on Michael E. Reid for his knowledge of DUI law and field sobriety testing in Illinois and Missouri. In fact. Mr. Reid has written multiple guidebooks for other DWI defense attorneys in both states.

DUI Stops Can Go Wrong In Any Number Of Ways

Whether defending a client against misdemeanor or felony DUI charges, Michael E. Reid realizes and exploits complicating factors such as:

  • Erratic driving or speeding being confused with inebriated driving by law enforcement
  • Engine malfunctions that make smooth operation of a motor vehicle difficult
  • Inclement weather, including high winds and rain that interfere with driving
  • Prescription medicines that a driver may have taken to address a pre-existing condition
  • Malfunctions or defects detected in poorly maintained breathalyzer machines
  • Field sobriety testing that would be strenuous even for sober motorists
  • Warrant-less searches of a vehicle that could turn up evidence of another offense

Mr. Reid is a persuasive negotiator and aggressive litigator of favorable outcomes in DUI cases. His main objective is to put you back on the road so you can resume being a productive member of society. You need to get to your job, take children to school and perform a diverse list of everyday tasks that can be accomplished only by driving. Protect your rights, your driving privileges and your way of life by reaching out to M. Reid Legal Solutions today.

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