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Strong And Strategic Defense Against Felony DUI Charges

A felony drunk driving charge – for repeat DUI offenses or for causing an injury accident, to name two examples – could not be more serious.

The potential consequences of an arrest could go far beyond criminal conviction. They could follow you into a prison cell, into your bank for heavy fines, into law enforcement records for your felon status, into the public transportation you’ll be forced to resort to after long-term license revocation, to say nothing of parole or probation conditions to abide by, once a debt to society has been paid.

With that kind of possible outcome facing you, the wise move would be to fight the serious charges against you. And the experienced, exceptional defense lawyer who will join you in this battle is Michael E. Reid of M. Reid Legal Solutions in Edwardsville.

Mr. Reid has a decades-long reputation for positive outcomes in a broad range of DUI cases. His clients know right away that their interests will be fully defended throughout the process, from driver’s license hearings to bargaining with prosecutors to trial if needed. The personal service he offers, including straight talk and honest answers, gives you the strength to go on.

For a free consultation, call us in Edwardsville at 618-656-6622 or 314-703-7602, or contact us by email. M. Reid Legal Solutions represents clients throughout Madison County and the entire St. Louis metro area.

Aggressive Advocacy With A 30-Year Track Record Of Success

M. Reid Legal Solutions is well-known across Illinois for its deep belief in your presumption of innocence for any criminal and DUI matter. The firm also holds overzealous law enforcement accountable when a client faces trumped-up charges or has been overcharged with a felony.

We fight to preserve your driving privileges as if they were our own. If somehow a conviction is the verdict in your case, it won’t be for lack of hard work on our part. We carefully review every extenuating circumstance, from the confusion you perhaps felt on a dark, poorly marked road, to an adverse reaction to prescription medicine, to the possibility that you were overserved with alcohol at a local restaurant.

When the stakes are this high, choose the defense firm that raises the bar even higher: M. Reid Legal Solutions, fighting for clients in Edwardsville and throughout Madison County and the St. Louis metro area.

Michael E. Reid Can Protect Your Rights – Contact Us

For your convenience, your initial consultation is free of charge. Schedule this important first meeting by calling 618-656-6622 or 314-703-7602, or you can contact us by email. We can help.