Are You Losing Sleep Because You’ve Been Arrested For A DUI?

Are You Living Out The Nightmare Of A DUI Charge?
Are you afraid of losing everything?:

Are you sitting at home – or worse, in your car – because you were just let out of JAIL and you’re afraid to tell your family that one STUPID MISTAKE may have cost you and them EVERYTHING?


Odds are you have no clue what to do and you’re SCARED to even make a decision because of one STUPID MISTAKE.

Being arrested for driving under the influence – whether you call it DWI, DUI, or even OWI – is a SERIOUS OFFENSE that can have devastating long term effects on every aspect of your life.

In addition to hefty fines, possible jail time, and loss of driving privileges, you might find yourself without a job if it requires the ability to drive! With no job, where and how you live is also bound to be affected, and it’s likely your credit will take a hit as well. Also, if you’ve immigrated here, you could face the possibility of deportation and have to uproot your entire life!

Can you afford for all this to happen to you? Don’t let ONE MISTAKE COST YOU EVERYTHING YOU HAVE WORKED YOUR ENTIRE LIFE FOR!

This nightmare will become your reality unless you act immediately! Waiting won’t make anything better. At MRLS, we pride ourselves on turning over every stone to find the mistakes made in our clients’ arrests.
Cut out the middleman and call the guy who other attorneys seek for guidance on what to do in cases just like yours.
Don’t delay getting the help you need!! Your time Is VERY LIMITED!!

Our founder, Michael Reid, is a certified instructor on the Standardized Field Sobriety Tests and is also certified on various breath machines used in most states. This training has allowed him to predict where most officers make mistakes. Michael also wrote the handbook that every judge and attorney in the State of Missouri uses, which explains what the laws are regarding the DUI process inclusive of arrests, trials, and appeals.

Our proven system enables us to review evidence in your case to determine whether the officer had probable cause to arrest you to begin with. This system is based on our more than 20 years experience in the DUI field and Michael’s training as a certified instructor on the Standardized Field Sobriety Tests as well as the various breath machines used in most states.

When you call us, our team will set up a free STRATEGY SESSION where we listen to your side of the story and get the necessary information to build your defense. We ensure your questions are answered and you’re aware of what comes next throughout your case!

Time is of the essence. The longer you wait, the more likely it is you will lose your ability to drive. Call NOW to set up your strategy session with M. Reid Legal Solutions and get the legal defense that can prevent this nightmare from becoming your reality.


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What Our Clients Are Saying

Wayne SteffenWayne Steffen
12:37 02 Sep 23
Jennifer OkosiJennifer Okosi
22:28 15 Aug 23
I had a near/death, one-car, motor vehicle accident that left me in a coma. When I woke up, I realized I was also facing a felony DUI. During a time where my life was at steak and my family left with uncertainty, Michael and the Michael Reid Legal Solution team was recommended by a close friend and how thankful and indebted I am that she did.I picked MRLS because of the peace of mind and assurance Micheal gave my family. Michael was sensitive to my current health state, considered the traumatic experience I had just went through, and also understood I needed time to heal.For 2 years, with payments postponed, Micheal advocated boldly and tirelessly (both openly and secretly) for me in court; asking the judge for numerous extension of my cases (even when the judge insisted I come to court), until he felt I was mentally and physically prepared to face my legal matter. I appreciate Micheal because he was readily available and flexible when I reached out; he was available to my family, and most importantly he was working on my case while allowing space for my healing. Each conversation and interaction with him was very calm, professional, reassuring, and straightforward. He called often and gave updates without being prompted. If he doesn’t know, he is open and plain to say he will find out, and will always deliver feedback. When it was time for court, he did do confidently and knowledgeable about his client and his profession.Michael’s strong advocacy, tenacity, and mitigation tactics led to my felony charge ultimately being reduced to reckless driving instead! I had so much on the line (my career, degree, professional license, and my self worth and agency in the world). I felt like I couldn’t take an honest step in life following my mistake. The charge reduction was an huge weight off my shoulders, freeing me to pursue my dreams without fear that this mistake would dictate the trajectory of the rest of my life.When I say I am indebted to Micheal and the MRLS… forever indebted… like this man doesn’t know what he’s done in my life. Every legal trouble I face, I’m checking in with Mike first!
Jesse ReedJesse Reed
01:40 29 Jun 23
Michael was a huge help with everything! He specializes in his field and does it really well! Highly recommend!
David MorenoDavid Moreno
12:45 09 Jun 23
No words to describe how amazing my experience was with M.Reid Legal Solutions,very professional with a great results, Highly recommended,please give it a try you won't be disappointed !!
Daryel BueskingDaryel Buesking
23:00 01 Jun 23
Mike is a guy who believes he needs to earn his fee and not just to Plead down a charge. He will fight for the best out come that he can get you as a client. You can Trust this man to be your advocate when he walks into the court room for you.
Chris JohnsonChris Johnson
21:58 01 Jun 23
Great experience overall having Mr. Reid as my attorney..highly recommend. Mr. Reid has been very professional, understanding, patient, insightful and is an expert in his field. I didn’t know where to start, I lost my job and had no where else to turn until I got a hold of you, You are a blessing. I may not be the “most profitable client” of yours due to my financial situation but I will confidently tell you this…I am your most grateful client and that comes from my heart thank you for all your help.
Kelvin DurhamKelvin Durham
21:41 10 May 23
Mike is an awesome attorney. He is very experienced and a very nice guy which made it easy to work with him. He got me unbelievable results and I'm sure that he will do the same for you. No need looking for an attorney who will care about your well-being I'm telling you now Mike is the one. And his rates are very responsible. I had a case other wouldn't give me any assurance on and Mike told me we will get you unsupervised probation at worst. He ended up getting the case thrown out I'm sure because of lack of evidence which he was clever enough to collate.
Rachel HRachel H
19:42 02 May 23
Mike is top notch in his field. We had an issue where my husband's ex wife was fraudulently working to put a no contact order on him. We were blessed to have someone to refer us to his office. We immediately knew he was the perfect choice. He was smart, proactive and an authority in his class.He took charge and worked swiftly and effectively on shutting down the plaintiff. After all was said and done our case was dismissed and she was barred from even attempting another protective order.We are more than satisfied with the justice we finally received. When you put your trust in M.Reid you have an ally for life. If he says he has your back, he means it!!Knowing we have a trustworthy advocate in our corner has greatly improved my confidence in just everyday life.I promise, that if you give M.Reid an opportunity to represent you in your times of need, you won't have any regrets.
Dawn RawlinsDawn Rawlins
16:58 25 Apr 23
Mr. Reid is very good at his job! He knows a lot and is very helpful. He is very easy to get in touch with and if you call him and he doesn't answer he will call you right back as soon as he is available. He's also just a great person and will listen. He really does a great job!!

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