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“I should have called an Uber.”

“I should not have had that last drink.”

“I should have just stayed home.”

Perhaps you are having these thoughts and regrets about decisions you should have made, but you are now staring down a DUI. However, the decisions that you could have made, or the ones that you ended up making to put you in this position, are of little value compared to the decisions that you have to make now regarding how you are going to deal with what has happened to you.

By looking for an Imperial, MO DUI lawyer, you are already making better choices; if you reach out to Michael Reid Legal Solutions today, we can help you navigate this wisely. We are here to give you a chance at a better life and offer you hope! Our goal is to see you end up on the other side with your freedom, reputation, confidence, and opportunities intact.

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Imperial, MO DUI Lawyer

Can You Handle The Truth?

The truth will set you free, they say, but it is going to make you miserable first. There is nothing sugar-coated about the truth of your DUI arrest or where you could end up as a result. It is serious. The consequences of a DUI conviction could last a lifetime. You are already feeling some of those consequences; the stigma of being cuffed and carted off to the police station for a ‘booking’ mug shot, and then calling your parents or a friend to come get you out of jail, the humiliation of them coming and getting you, and the bail money and tow bill to get your car back, and we are just getting started.

If you are convicted, then on top of all that, you could lose your license, owe fines, have to do community service, and maybe even serve jail time, not to mention losing your job or being unable to get a job later because it will show up on your background check – and more. Make no mistake, these are severe and real consequences you are dealing with. After all, DUI convictions can permanently change the course of a person’s life.

It is also true, however, that with qualified legal representation, and a proper strategic approach, our experienced Imperial, MO DUI lawyer can beat your charges and minimize some of these consequences. We can likely get your charges reduced or even dismissed altogether.

Effective DUI Defense Strategies

Regardless of the circumstances of your arrest, a DUI lawyer who has experience with such cases can employ a number of defenses that will help to avoid the most serious penalties and provide the best opportunity for a successful outcome. The most common defenses include the following:

  • Contesting the probable cause of the stop
  • Challenge the results of field sobriety tests
  • Raising doubts about the accuracy of breathalyzer testing
  • Challenging the validity of the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) results
  • Improper Use of Miranda Warnings
  • Introduce medical conditions or substances that influence test results

In addition to these defenses, we will highlight any other favorable aspects of your case, such as the absence of any prior DUI convictions or other criminal convictions, and we will attempt to negotiate a reduced charge, such as reducing the charges from DUI to reckless driving.

Why MLRS Is The Best Option For Your DUI Defense

You may be here by your own decision, but you won’t be alone through this process. A DUI is a serious offense, and you can’t go through the DUI process alone. Our job, as your DUI defense team, is to help alleviate your worries in this process by making sure you have the options and the legal information you need to make the best decision for your future. We will be there for you throughout the whole process until you feel that things aren’t as black and white as they first seemed. We understand that there are gray areas, and your actions, though serious, do not define your future.

If you put your trust in us, we won’t let you down. Reach out to our Imperial, MO DUI lawyer at MRLS today for a free consultation, and let us show you what we can do for you.

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