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We offer professional drivers one-of-a-kind solutions to cover all traffic-related issues. Whether you’re facing a DUI, received a red light camera citation in the mail from several states over, or even got a simple parking ticket, we know the impact this can have on your commercial driver's license.



Our Professional Driver Service’s goal is to keep you on the road and your record clear. Sign up today!

This program is for you if:

You're a truck driver

You're a commercial or private pilot

You're a school bus driver

You're a public transportation driver

You're an Uber driver


....or anyone with a professional license whose livelihood depends on their ability to have a license!


For a monthly subscription, professional drivers will receive a reduction in our standard fees for services, have our staff on immediate retainer in the event they're pulled over, as well as access to our network of legal and business professionals.

Professional Drivers Program Application

Please complete the form to apply for our Professional Drivers Program today and a member of our team will contact you within 24 hours.

Fee Structure


$25 per month for a *25% discount on basic traffic matters for one person


$50 per month for a 25% discount on traffic and misdemeanor-related services for up to two people


$150 per month for a 25% discount on all services (traffic, misdemeanor, criminal, bankruptcy) for up to five people.

*Discount cannot be applied to court costs and fines. Membership must be paid to receive the membership discount. Cancelation can be requested by emailing

Select A Memersip Level

We've received your subscription!

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