Avoiding drinking and driving is the best defense against being charged with a DUI.

If you’re here it is likely you or someone you care about has already been arrested and charged with DUI so telling you whether you should or should not blow into the machine is pointless. At this point, you’re more afraid about losing your license, your job, or even your home. You’re wondering if you’re going to end up in jail. You’re concerned one stupid mistake will cost you everything you’ve worked your entire life for.

If you were arrested for a DUI/DWI and blew into the machine, you have FIFTEEN DAYS to act or you will lose your ability to drive for a minimum of SIX MONTHS. IF you refused you have THIRTY DAYS before you lose your license for ONE YEAR. And, If you’re a professional driver, know this fact: If you do not act in FIFTEEN DAYS you WILL lose your CDL for a minimum of ONE YEAR. These are facts not fears. If you do NOT act IMMEDIATELY, you will lose your ability to drive and will likely be committing a FELONY if you keep driving!

I cannot tell you how many times I have heard people say: If you don’t want a DUI simply don’t DRINK and DRIVE. The problem with this statement is it simply is not true. More times than my team can count, individuals have been arrested and charged with a DUI not because they had been drinking but for something as simple as having red or bloodshot eyes or “looking like they’ve been drinking”.

The number one problem with DUI arrest is that to “get drunk drivers off the streets” society is willing to sacrifice individual rights. Even arresting and charging INNOCENT people. The number one contact most people have with the police and Court system outside of a traffic ticket is a DUI.

The biggest problem is that not only do individuals like you and I suffer everything from losing jobs to sitting in jail, there is no penalty or punishment for the officer who wrongfully arrests someone. The most common concern that we get at MRLS is: IF I CAN’T DRIVE I WILL LOSE: My Job, My Home, My EVERYTHING!! If you act now, this nightmare does not have to be your reality. We can likely keep you driving without interruption. However, in addition to your ability to keep driving, getting arrested for DUI can ruin your credit on top of the money needed to hire a good attorney experienced in DUI to defend you(True cost of DUI). Factor in the hit to their reputation when most people will simply believe that they were in fact drunk and likely “got off by hiring a good lawyer”. According to NATIONAL HIGHWAY TRAFFIC SAFETY ADMINISTRATION (NITSA) the government institution responsible for creating the Standardized Field Sobriety Tests (NHTSA description/ study of the SFSTs). SFSTs are used in Court to determine if someone is intoxicated.

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