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A DUI arrest and conviction have the potential to drastically affect your life, causing damage to your reputation, unblemished criminal history, life goals, and career ambitions. After going through the nightmare of being subjected to roadside sobriety tests, being arrested, being sent to jail, and being charged with a serious offense, now isn’t the time to idly sit by and hope everything turns out for the best. You need the representation of an assertive St. Louis, MO DUI attorney if you are facing DUI charges.

Our lead attorney, Michael Reid has more than 26 years’ experience in criminal defense and the know-how to prepare the most effective defense and challenge the prosecution. Call for a free consultation to speak with us regarding your case.

St. Louis, MO DUI Lawyer

Potential DUI Penalties In Missouri

If convicted of a DUI in Missouri, you could be facing such penalties as: incarceration, expensive fines, loss of license, mandatory alcohol/drug testing, education or treatment, mandatory installation of an ignition interlock device, and court appointed community service.

The average punishment will involve a combination of fines, the length of time you are prohibited from driving, and the extent of any additional requirements, such as alcohol counseling or an educational course about the dangers of drinking and driving. The higher your blood alcohol content is the more severe the average punishment will be. The nature of your punishment also depends on various other factors, including how many times you’ve been convicted of drinking and driving before, whether any children were in the car at the time, and whether you were involved in an accident.

In addition to legal consequences, a DUI conviction can lead to loss of a job, difficulties finding jobs in the future, eviction from your home, or difficulty finding a new place to live. People with children may face the risk of losing custody. It may prevent noncitizens from pursuing citizenship and even result in deportation.

What Our St. Louis, MO DUI Lawyer Can Do For You 

A DUI lawyer’s job is to try to either build the strongest case possible to clear you or get the charges against you dropped or made less serious. Our experienced DUI lawyer in St. Louis, MO, will review the details of your arrest and pick apart the prosecution’s case for any mistakes or weaknesses.

Did the officer properly follow police protocol?

Were your rights violated?

Are there any other potential problems with the documentation of the test results, ultimately undermining the case against you?

Any detail overlooked by the police or anyone else can poke a hole in the prosecution’s case, which could result in having the charges against you dropped. If that is not possible, our attorney will try to use the weaknesses in the case to your advantage as much as possible.

However, you can rely on us to thoroughly investigate everything and uncover any relevant information. The deck may appear to be stacked against you, but we will stop at nothing to defend you. One misdeed should not overshadow all of your hard work and future plans. It is our responsibility to stand up for you and fight for your rights. We will be there to support you in moving past this.

MRLS: The Right Choice For DUI Legal Help

We are aware that getting a DUI can be extremely stressful and frightening, especially if it is your first offense. However, relief is just a click away because we have been defending DUIs for 26 years, including roughly 500 DUIs throughout the course of our careers. You can be confident that we have seen every circumstance and are prepared to handle any situation. We can also anticipate their actions and take advantage of that because we have a working relationship with the judges and prosecutors in this jurisdiction and are familiar with their methods.

A large part of your fear stems from uncertainty. Because of our knowledge and familiarity with the system, we can alleviate some of your fears by explaining to you what to expect and how to best prepare for it. Let someone who has not only been there but been successful in getting the charges reduced or dismissed, do it for you. Call MRLS today for a free consultation and let us get to work for you.

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